Calf’s online shop.
Every penny you spend goes back into the “cause”helping us to keep our rescues safe happy loved and fed
As our sanctuary grows so do our overheads.
Please support calf by purchasing items from our online store and our vegan venue

We now also stock a range of homemade sweets


We also sell, hoodies, T Shirts, bandanas and recently CRAFTS
Our cafe now stocks a nice range of vegan foods to take out and our fridges are nicely stocked with burgers sausages tofu and so much more.

Coming soon are calf candles :0)

We also make cute craft items like the sheep covered with the sheared wool of our rescues and soul mate sock moo cows and SOOOOO much more

Browse our online webstore X



Please NOTE, that any purchases from our store, we do aim to get them out as fast as possible, however at times we need a little more time and really do appreciate your patience, if you need for a specific date then feel free to message us and we will make sure it arrives fast.
We are at present moving all our printing equipment to the calf venue and are struggling to set it all up with limited hours and not enough hands, but we are working on speeding up the service in the very near future
please allow 28 days, as i say we are trying to dispatch fast but in worst case senarios :0)
We do work for FREE and every single penny profit helps to feed our rescues
Much Love X
There are literally 3 of us running the cafe, farm, merchandise store and homelife

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