C-A-L-F works hard to educate and enlighten, in as many ways as we can, I (sharon) am no way a poet and i am aware my english, grammar is not perfect, but sometimes i just love to sit down and put my feelings and emotions into text, be it a poem, a quote or phrase

Feel free to share anything we do, its all for the cause

Today i looked at images of all different kinds of animals, dead and alive within the meat and dairy industry and it inspired my to write this

“Gas chambers, torture, pain, misery, sadness, loneliness, grieving mothers, distraught family members, suffering, abuse, guns, knives, prison cells, metal cages, terror, blood, body parts, death, rotting bodies, sounds like something hitler created ~ yet YOU partake in this atrocity every day ~ YOU are the ANIMAL HOLOCAUST if you consume meat and dairy ~ go vegan and stop the hurting of innocent beings” ~ Sharon Vegan Lawlor


Below are some pictures i took recently whilst walking around an old derelict unused pig farm building, behind these doors over the years 1000s upon 1000s of animals were grown ! to feed greedy human faces.

Innocent sentient beings that are capable of every emotion that your much loved domesticated dog or cat has. Please wake up and make the connection, going vegan saves at least 95 animals lives per year


Vegan in the picture below is a much loved member of the C-A-L-F family, he is truly adorable and loves life just like you, he is only 4 months old, if he was in the industry, he would of been eaten by now, how grotesque, once you see farmed animals in their true light and not the image the industry want you to see, eating these babies is so foul beyond belief…SAY NO to death on your plate


This image was a poor piggy that i photoed at a livestock show (not somewhere i would normally go, but felt i need to witness more to share with people). She was in a small pen, with a for sale sign above her head “Free range pork” a beautiful highly intelligent fellow friend of the earth, destined for corpse munchers plates. Free Range is utter rubblish, it may be a slightly better life than factory farming, but still no normality, life still ends with a violent murderous death, just because an animal has space to turn around, do not kid yourself this equates to a happy life, the only person this makes feel better is the consumer of its flesh. “Guilt Free Range” is what it should be called

My Baby Calf,

You Do Steal,

Moo’s Are Heard,

It Feels Unreal,

I Crave Her Touch,

Fur Like Silk,

She’s Gone, She’s Dead,

YOU Drink My Milk

Sharonvegan lawlor C-A-L-F


You Take My Flesh,

To Fill Your Bowl,

You Feed Your Face,

Upon My Soul,

My Life Was Short

And Not So Sweet,

Spare A Thought,

My Heart, No Beat

You Devour My Skin,

For Your Own Greed,

Im Trapped Within,




Beauty and the BEEF

A site to behold, before my eyes,

I capture this image, before he dies,

This may seem sad, but its oh so true,

If you eat BEEF, then the reason is YOU

Big soulful eyes, take me within,

Feel his pain, its a human sin,

Fluffy and soft, your childs favourite ted,

To cuddle and kiss, not eat him when dead,

A beauty of a bovine, humans are the beast,

Killed for his flesh, on which you feast,

Awaken your conscience and hear what i say,

Keep the images alive, dont lock them away,

Sentient beings with all of the senses,

Not empty souls, hidden with fences,

A bovine of beauty, peaceful beyond belief,

Hard to believe, that this is your BEEF

Look at the face, its the packet on the shelf,

A part of his body, you take for yourself,

Next time you decide to order your burger,

His face will appear~You took it~ITS MURDER

SharonVegan Lawlor dec2010

3 responses to Poetry

  1. Today’s Holocaust (2012)
    my life is in my hands, because I feel
    I do not want to eat those who are afraid, who suffer pain, who bleed, and scream
    the billions of those who cry for help
    they speak a different language
    we chose – not to hear
    those eyes, so big and dark, some small, alive, billions of eyes like cats, like dogs, cows, chickens, pigs, fish, birds, deer, sheep, dolphins, giant whales, the list goes on…
    they know when their about to die, their instincts are stronger than ours
    in fact, they often hear and see how others die (they smell the blood, they have the greatest sense of smell)
    they wait for their turn, tired, tortured by the slaughterhouse men, in line, an endless line
    those warm bodies, so warm, so cute, some bellies pink or simply soft, so innocent
    they will be somebody’s tasty meal
    perhaps a happy meal
    they smile if you look close enough, you’ll notice this
    they smile at you, because they feel your love, or want to feel your love
    they do not want your food, enough is on the field (unfortunately now there are very few fields, because most have been overpopulated by unnaturally grown animals, by artificial pregnancy means, some cows are birth machines, milk machines, their children who’ll be eaten take a lot of space, and bag for food, they eat those fields dry, that grain could have fed billions of people who are starving around the world. Takes more grain and water to feed an animal than to grow grain and other plants, sometimes they get overfed, food is pushed down their throats to make them fat, they have to eat against their will…grains provide the same amount of vitamins and minerals – It is not the animals’ fault – if they knew what would happen to them, they would not want to be born)
    they want to connect with you, an earthling like they,
    one who shares the planet with them
    If you are nice enough and they can gain your trust, they will run towards you
    piggies are like dogs, they will follow your commands, cows too ,dolphins, and even chickens, others too
    Just speak to them, when they gain trust, get used to you, you’ll learn that it is true
    If you grow a cow, she will surely share a little bit of her milk with you, treat you like her calf
    but what about a billion of people, or two billion, or more
    how would she make this much milk?! By artificial means, the breasts become so big, so painful
    milk flows non-stop, she keeps giving birth, also by artificial means, and the calfs get taken away
    the calves get killed, and when the cow collapses after 4 years of exhaustion, torture, she also gets killed
    gets killed – she is half a corpse already, most cows collapse, breasts almost half their size, get grinded for meat
    you eat that meat, so juicy
    Your pay for those years of torture, and those billions of dead animals, not one or two
    As long as you keep paying, they will keep slaying
    The men who work in slaughterhouses, the ones who have the nerve to watch, are the ones who also beat those animals before death, torture them some more, jump on their little heads, twist them till they are broken, stab them, not fully cut that neck while the animal is still conscious, cut a leg, an ear, a nose, stab it till the animal cries, you know they feel it all, stab it until blood starts to flow, kick it in the stomach, put the knife through the eye, and let the animal run away towards the rest, some castrated, some dead already from torture, let the animal find a hiding spot there, wait in pain, until it gets tortured again, and then gets killed, a long death…a process which lasts 20 minutes or so…
    I used to eat meat, I didn’t know, my parents did not teach me how to think…
    it’s not their fault, they did not know, so many people do not know, we’ve been brain washed for so long,
    we are too far from slaughter houses, if only they had glass doors, and would be in our city, close by,
    by our schools, would children eat these animals if they saw what was being done to them prior to death?
    Unless, the child’s sympathy has been destroyed since birth, possibly. A child will eat what you give them, get used to it, then get cancer and other diseases possibly, obesity, but even more the energy of pain and sorrow with which the animal died, it will get passed on through that meat, which you boiled, or fried, or grilled, with some salt and pepper, to cover up the corpse’s nasty taste. If your friend has a wound that bleeds, do you look at it and want to bite?
    why is it that we, humans, are the only ones in the animal kingdom who can chose to eat or not to eat those who cry, but we eat them and get diseases?
    Money, some evil people want to make money, off of the pain of others and off of your health, many rich people know this…they live a vegetarian diet, many of them, while you eat corpse.
    Do you salivate when you see raw, red bloody meat? The one you just got out of the fridge? If you do, you are most likely sick…it is something most normal people do not do.
    Have you, when you were a child, witnessed kids who would kick dogs, and cats, hit cats’ heads on the asphalt? Throw stones at innocent birds? When they would fall from the sky, they would jump on them, on their head until they would pop open, explode with blood? What did you do? Did you join in? These people work in slaughterhouses now. They have fun when they kill, see an animal in pain, bleed, scream. In many cases children follow…they were taught that this is the right way. A way to destroy our planet, our garden of Eden.
    We are the only ones on this earth who kill for pleasure. Pain is so painful, you know that…you are a human being.
    What do you do when you bleed? Somebody comes up and curses at you? Kicks you? Cuts your hand off? Your ear off? Your nose? Without anesthesia… jumps on your head till it exploder’s? then kills you and eats you, feeds you to their children. Your children, too. Tortured and killed. Yes, I know, scary right? Imagine you could not speak, just moan.
    Is this okay? Is it okay to compare an animal with a human beings? The slaughterhouses for animals today are so similar to the concentration camps of the holocaust. In fact, the holocaust concentration camps were built off of the designs of slaughterhouses. Many people, who went through the holocaust experience, do not eat meat.
    If you put dead human flesh next to dead animal flesh, you would not be able to tell the difference.
    Same bones, same blood, same torture, same pain.
    A chicken gets thrown alive into boiling water, it screams, it tries to get away, a cows throat is being caught while hanging in the air, it starts to scream and bleed, it feels the pain, it cries, it cries, it cries but doesn’t die, it hurts, but then another one gets hung in the air, and gets cut too, it cries too, in pain, two cows hanging now, a million, billion more to come (they stand there and watch, they can hear – don’t animals run away when they hear screaming? Run away for protection?), how can people kill so many? It wasn’t like that before…who built these camps? Made a plan, like the Nazis…how to kill more…how to keep more, grow more…money, money, money. I know that the Nazis killed from hate, but why do we kill? You do not kill? Don’t want blood on your hands? Oh no…you simply eat…you pay for the kill…
    Why so many? More than enough are being killed, to eat meat everyday, so fat, so full of injected growth hormones, of pain, every single day, you are surprised at obesity? Cancer? Heart attacks? Really? You are surprised? The oceans are being polluted by blood and shit, and so does the rest of planet earth, also by blood and bones, a bloody, painful earth, how many slaughter houses exist today, do you know? How many animals are grown artificially, overfed against will, food is showed down their throats, they get tortured and killed, do you know? If you don’t, just look, and you will find. Just remember, as long as we pay for that meat, dairy too, but most of all meat, as long as slaughterhouses exist, people will not be compassionate, but keep rape, torture and murder – they will continue – people will continue to kill. Being vegan is hard? The food is not good? Have you tried good vegan food? You have (it is mixed in with your meat), and many people who are vegans are compassionate, they will help you, teach you, reach out for you. The internet exits now, for god’s sake. Read up! We are all brothers and sisters, on this earth, animals, people, plants and trees (they do not have a nervous system, but you have to respect them too – don’t take more than you need), we are earthlings. Earth can be a garden of Eden, but it will take some work – hard work – human strength. Are you with us?

  2. My goodness, this poetry is so very moving. Just read some to my daughter and she has a tear in her eye. So very talented, amazing x

  3. You people are great, thanks for all the work you do. I wish everyone could see what we see, they choose not too which is mind blowing. Keep up the good work! Would love to visit and see your farm animals without the sadness i feel when see others, be good to know these fortunate few can just live.

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