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It is important that you learn as much as possible about any animal before you decide to give a home to one. No matter how big, or small, they all need time, care and money. Make sure you can give an animal all it needs BEFORE bringing one into your home.
And please remember – adopt, don’t buy! Rescue centers up and down the country are full to bursting with companion animals, from dogs and cats, rabbits and rats, birds and fish, and everything in between.
If you give a rescue animal a home, not only will you be helping that animal, but you will be creating space in rescue for another animal in need. Rescue animals come with a full health and temperament check, they are neutered, spayed and vaccinated where necessary. You will also have the support of the rescue should you have any problems in the future.
Remember not all rescue animals are animals with problems. Animals end up in rescue for many different reasons, usually none of which are the animals fault. So please, before you buy from a pet shop or breeder, pop along to your local rescues, and meet the wonderful animals they all have, waiting for a place to call home!


Here is a map of the UK showing just a small number of animal rescue centers. You can find more by doing a simple google search for animal rescues in your area. Please let me know if you have a rescue you would like adding to the map – Kat xx

View animal rescue centres - UK in a larger map

Also check out the main sites for :-

and rescue forums at :-

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