The farming industry

After many years of the truth so being tightly locked away from view, we are now beginning to get a glimpse of the truth behind the locked doors.
We will show the good and the bad news, even though a lot of the uncovering is very distressing to see, its a great step in the right direction.

This page covers the good and the bad of the farming industry. We are not saying that all farms and all farmers are evil, many breeders of livestock do care for their animals, but sadly it is all they have ever known. We do not blame the farmer, we blame the CONSUMER

As much as we would rather see no farms with animals kept for flesh/meat, we know that this is a long way off, so with this in mind, we would much rather the small family farm rather than the FACTORY massive scale abuse farms that are popping up worldwide. Some of the photos we show here are from farmers that we are in contact with that have let us into their world, so that we can show YOU the truth and the beauty of what/who you are eating. We are pleased to be allowed to do this and thankful to the farmers in question for allowing us into such a secretive world

Every ACTION no matter how small, creates a ripple effect, hopefully in years to come slaughterhouses will be a horrible memory in the history books.
You will be able to tell your grandchildren that YOU played a part in the ending of such barbaric horrific behaviour of the savages.
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  1. This has now become a past time, a passion, and an urgent cry for change for me and my daughter. We are fighting to change the minds of others and to end all cruelty everywhere. We want to help.

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