Meet Your Meat

More than one billion animals are slaughtered in the UK every year, nine billion in the US.  Most of them knew only misery and fear, and lived in horrible squalor.


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  1. This is an INTENSE and real eye-opener.. I’ve followed Sharon on FB now for sometime and I’ve been so moved to tears on many occassions.. This is just a great way to get the sights of what we eat out there.. because how it’s presented in white packages cover in plastic in the meat section will never be able to depict what this shows.. or anything else for that matter.
    Thanks for spending the time to share this very valuable information

  2. Kats has done all this hard work tracy, thanks for your feedback X

  3. Keep up the good work. Education is vital to overcome the ignorance of the suffering we inflict on the creatures less able to resist. Respect for all. Best wishes to all…

  4. great work, so important to educate people how cruel the meat and dairy industry is.

  5. Thank you so much Tracy & Steve xx

  6. Got my ice cream maker yesterday and used avocado, tinned coconut milk, dark soya free chocolate and mint leaves. It was excellent but works out a little pricey. Going to try it with Oatley, then Kara milk using arrowroot as well to get the right balance of taste, texture and price. Any other suggestions gratefully received.
    Love the vegan diet, an easy transition from being veggie.

    • Hiya Steve, your first attempt at vegan icecream sounds yummy. I have never tried making it myself, but i am sure others have. Why not start a thread on the forums asking for recipes? you could also share your own :) Being vegan is great isn’t it! xx

  7. Hey steve what ice cream maker did you get. My uncle is a professional ice cream maker, he has been doing me vegan ice creams by hand, i said i would get him an ice cream maker…he has made me rhubarb, xmas pudding, choc, vanilla, strawberry, cherry, orange, lemon….delish, but not sure on the recipes he uses, will see if he will part x

  8. Kat, I thought I was educated but I feel totally let down by my ignorance of the suffering involved in my dairy habit especially as the vegan diet suits me well. I’m seeking my redemption by educating others …best wishes xx

    • Hiya Steve, that is exactly how i feel. I cannot believe it took me so long to see the truth. How could i have been so blinkered and naive :( Looking back, some of the things i thought to be true are ridiculous now. I am so glad i now know the truth, i just wish it hadn’t taken me so long. And like you, i am now on a mission to make sure other people know the truth, so they don’t have to wait as long as me for the blinkers to be removed xx

  9. Hi Sharon, I bought the Andrew James ice cream maker which isn’t thermostatically controlled, you have to put the stainless steel bowl in the freezer for 30 mins (it was £30 on Ebay) I’m a complete novice just experimenting. I mixed the icy ice cream with a dessert made from custard powder, oatley milk, sugar to taste, and ‘Bellarom’ dark chocolate from Lidl (yes, I know, OTT!) and that was delish but it goes to prove we can be OTT and vegan… best wishes xx

  10. @Steve, I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve been going back and forth with switching to Vegan (I’ve been a vegetarian for ~9 years). It is mostly the cost that has stopped me, but this article has opened my eyes. I guess I’ve either been in denial, or just plain naive to the dairy industry! This site will help me a bunch, thanks Kat for up bringing it!

  11. Hi all. I’m going through a big change in my diet. I decided that animals are better than us at heart. This happened about 3 weeks ago when i began to have bad dreams about animals being slaughtered and abused. I feel like it was someone on the other side sending me a message to stop thinking about self. The worse thing is that they paint a pretty picture of this kind of cruelty. Burgers, Chicken nugget, etc….but it’s not a pretty picture. you guys don’t know how bad it is to live in a town where everything is meat, the cheapest foods are eggs and meat. You have to be working to afford a fridge full of fruits, veggies and soy products. I will no longer support it, i rather starve to be honest! Just wished I woken up sooner to this reality. thank you for this website. there’s a lot of vegan recipes :) ♥ to all!

    • Hi Jaime…So glad you have woken and seen the truth, life gets better once you are aware, yes it hurts often when we witness the truth, but it makes us into strong compassionate people. We are the VOICES for those who cannot speak.
      Good luck with your journey, it does get easier as time goes on, once you find replacements X
      if you need any help just say X

  12. Thanks for all your wonderful work. I find it so hard. I know you understand. I just want to scream all the time, scream at the people who blindly ignore the suffering and have the nerve to demonise ME for my ethics and choices. I just can’t bear the world some days, I get so upset and overwhelmed. It’s just so hard.

    It’s my dream to have my own animal sanctuary one day. I’m going to end up with a lamb soon enough – the school where I work are getting some sheep and plan on lambing them and selling the lambs for slaughter!!!! I will have to buy them and save them, god knows what the hell I will do with them but I’ll work that out later. How can they? =(

    Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. people like you give me hope.

    Claire x

    • Hiya Claire :) We know exactly how you feel xx It is ridiculous that we are the ones who are made to feel mad, bad or both, just because we wish to live a life that doesn’t inflict pain and suffering, or take innocent lives. BUT the tide is turning, every day i hear of new vegetarians and vegans. More and more people are seeing and hearing the truth. It is hard, knowing what we know, and feeling what we feel, but i wouldn’t go back for anything.
      Thank YOU Claire, for choosing the compassionate way, and for your kind words xx If you haven’t already, come join our FB group, and keep us informed of the situation with the lambs xx

  13. I have no words and like others I thought allready that I knew a lot and did my part of “helping” by choosing the “right” food. Thank you for opening my eyes even further, its afwull to have this knowlidge now because it makes me even more ashamed to be a human being.Thank you all for your good work and it’s good to see and know that I’m not the only person in the world who thinks that animals deserve a good and fair live, that give some kind of comfort to this afwull situation for all the animals on the world. For sure I will tell family and friends more about this site.

    • thanks for your message hun, so much abuse is hidden from sight. It is up to “us” to speak and show the world what they create by their diet choices X

  14. Go vegan!

  15. Wow, you guys just….. You don’t know HOW farmers live! THAT is how farmers SURVIVE! We are just decending from our ancestors. It is how we were taught! You guys are truly crazy

  16. You over look the sentient beings for profit, time to evolve rather than live in the dark ages of ancestors. Time to think about life and others rather than the £ sign

  17. Bizzarre how disconnected you can be to look at all this suffering and brush it aside. It is how we were brainwashed. No need for rotting flesh in your diet other than a selfish need that was handed down through generations

  18. I’m sadly new to vegan! I say sadly because I wish I could have known sooner. I too am ashamed of my past contribution to this huge problem. Sadly it ONLY took was one video to change my ways! That day, there and right then I quite having someone brutalizing the innocent for my plate! Everyday I watch videos, read anti Mass farming information, chat with fellow vegans, Google vegan info, read vegans blogs, And cry. I know all the info “Meet your meat” And Going cold turkey (pun intended) I would starve before going back! And I nearly did! My first 3 weeks I literally ate canned sweet peas, dry, plain baked potatoes, pasta, some but very few fresh fruit and veggies. As long as it was “kind” I’m not in it for myself, I’m in it for the helpless, animals, people, and the planet! I’m the byproduct! I not a great vegan, I HATE Tofu, Cant stand soy milk, or any other alternatives for milk, But have started to LOVE hummus (Hated it) I think because of the need for protean! lol (cant get enough) Anyway I’ve started to all of the sudden enjoy veggies, fruits, and exploring on how to be a great vegan cook, as I was when using meat. I still drink lots of coke a cola, salted sunflower seed, and still haven’t found egg, butter, (earth balance is not vegan enough for me!) cheese, and meat substitute that I would eat! BUT I’m not in it for me, I’m in it for them! Planet earth and all its earthlings! Thank you C-A-L-F, Thank you all supporters! Bless the beast and the children! xoxoxo

  19. When i see suffering, i step in. It is because people refuse to object to cruelty that cruelty continues. SPEAK FOR THE VOICELESS! GO VEGAN AS WELL!

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