We achieved Part 1 of the dream
Today we drop off a cheque to solicitors for the shortfall in loan that the bank would not lend us…
By the 16th April the plot will belong to calf rescues :0)

Then the even bigger task of these 3 little piglets life saving begins..
We are trying first to rehome these 3 without much joy, so it looks like the huge task of building them a home in the new field will take place

Costs to do this are high but with pledges and support we are well on the way but time is short and we still need around 800 pounds

A large pig Ark or shelter
A pig proof fenced area made with water troughs
Electric fencing for extra security
Vets bills for castration
Purchase and travel costs
Please message us if you get any joy
2males ( uncastrated)
1 female
If it means separating them then so be it, as long as they get to safety X

YOU too can be part of saving lives by helping us….donating, eating at calf cafe or shopping with us online

To help please use the donations link at bottom of the page, either a one off or a monthly set up, please note they can be terminated your end at any time.
For a transer or to set up a calf monthly standing order please use these details
sort code 20-75-92
account number 13100685
Barclays bank St Nicholas street scarborough

Become a supporter of calf and what we do, we are only a small family run team of dedicated animal lovers that are here for one reason only. 

HELP C-A-L-F to do more

To HELP the animals.

A small monthly donation can mean so much….
To you its loose change, to calf it’s a chance of saving a life.
Be part of our team and watch calf save lives, raise awareness by sharing our rescued animals stories.
we can do so much more if we unite.
you can be part of it

There are many different ways that you can help calf to keep going.
To use our vegan venue in scarborough of which with YOUR support there are MANY different areas to open in the near future ALL to raise awareness and keep calf alive
To purchase from our online shop, we make nearly all of what you see and every penny of profit goes back to our rescues.

A Monthly pledge will make a HUGE difference to us, no matter how small or how big, EVERY single penny counts.

We now have 25 furry permanent residents at calf as the numbers rise so do our overheads massively, we are a small concern and are self funded entirely so every penny really does count.
We are non profit and we work for free, within calf cafe as we WANT the world to see how good vegan food is and make a big difference to animals just by helping people to see they lose nothing yet gain so much simply by changing their eating habits
We do understand though that not all can make a regular monthly commitment, and a one off donation is very welcome

Ways to Support Us
1..The link on this the bottom of this page and it takes you to paypal (of which you do not need to have an account neither do you have to be a member of our calf page. There is a one off donation section and an option to set up a monthly pledge (of which can be cancelled very easily if you choose to but heres hoping you will stick with us :0) )
2..Manually, you can send us a cheque or postal order direct to
62 eastborough,
North yorkshire,
You can print off a donations form to send with your payment so that we know who you are and can forward you a receipt (please make sure you enclose details with payment)
3..A Bank Transfer, this can be done online or manually, but please make sure you forward details once you have completed the transfers so that we can amend our records and forward a receipt
Forward details to
If wanting to do a bank transfer simply email us and we will forward account details


8 responses to Donate

  1. Just set up a standing order, sorry it’s taken so long!!! 1st of every month. xxx

  2. Can you send me the bank details to set up a standing order pls?

  3. Hello, I hope the fundraising is going well I will up my monthly donation to £15 I hope this helps.

  4. Hi! just stopped in to leave a little something for Gevan’s foot trim or however you see fit to use. Sending our best, please stay strong :)

  5. Hi! Have given £5 for now but will be sending more on payday and setting up a monthly donation then too!

  6. Hi, i have just sent a £40 donation to you, please could i just have two bags of creme eggs sent to my address?

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