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    Well today i get a day off lol….well not a day off to sit about doing nothing, i mean a day off from the cafe to do other urgent jobs.

    I spent time with some of our rescues and i always make sure i give them all a check over.

    Today i thought Surjit the goat looked wrong, he has a bit of bloat so i know i need to keep watch on him…Emily…[Read more]

  • My daily blog, may not always be daily simply because i really have so little spare time :0(
    The last 6 years of my life have been the best yet the hardest in so many ways, i could not of possibly given any more of myself.
    Yet for some reason i feel tested on a daily basis…When you hope, pray, ask for help and things seem to constantly get…[Read more]

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  • Today i made a Double Oranges and Lemons cake with a yum tastic buttercream filling…Who says vegans eat cardboard lol


    Then i created a NEW Truffle, i played with the recipe a bit to get a lovely soft melty centre…Sorry i cannot share the recipe yet as we need to
    SELL SELL SELL to raise the cash for our sanctuary overheads
    I…[Read more]

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    Off i go to work, lol, my day starts with the usual craziness….I had to get petrol before, whilst paying i thought, a scratch card ( in desperation lol)
    I felt a bit like charlie and the chocolate factory looking for that golden ticket…
    I pulled the car over to enjoy the moment, scratched off the 250,000 part and my heart fluttered, as the…[Read more]

  • On the menu this week..Our Specials change weekly

    A great little sandwich for you to make at home :0)

    Recipe :0)
    2 slices of granary
    Half of an avocado (mashed with a teaspoon of lemon juice)
    Spread hummus on one slice, top with the avocado
    a couple of slices of tomato
    A topping of rocket
    A little olive oil and fry gently a couple…[Read more]

  • As my other half lost his job, i have now tried to cut back in so many areas to try and make ends meet, which means more work for me but hay hoooo if i get through this phase in my life then i will class myself as an indestructable being :0)

    Many people will know that i have a spiritual connection to my dad, which i now believe is to “My…[Read more]

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