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Sharon and Kat (2 redheads with a passion for compassion)



It all started the day i opened my eyes to the truth, the truth i thought i could do nothing about so i avoided, believing that by being veggy i was doing my bit.
I saw a few seconds of pam andersons KFC cruelty footage and that did it, i forced myself to witness the whole farming industry.
YES it hurt, YES it was not easy to look at.
BUT it changed my life for the BETTER and gave me purpose and thats where C-A-L-F came from.
I live breath eat and sleep, veganism, animal welfare. I dedicate the rest of my life to the cause. It feels so good to save lives just by readjusting your tastebuds.

Veganism is a journey, a journey to a better YOU, along this road i have come across some fantastic people, people that i could never of imagined existed. One of them people were my friend of the soul KAT.(my partner in crime and long lost identical twin sister, we are so alike, i’m sure we were separated at birth :0) lol)

Kat is a excellent animal rights activist and im so thankful and forever grateful for her friendship and help !!!!

I found out so much about the hidden meat and dairy industry thats locked away from sight, that i needed to do more. We rented a small holding and rescued some animals from the farming industry, all our rescues play a part in the calf project, to enlighten and show the world the truth.

However, this all costs money of which sadly i am not made of, calf is supported by our dancewear business of which is not a bottomless pit, so i decided to try and fund calf from a calf business. I recently purchased a rundown public house that is under renovation at present, of which we hope to turn into a full building of Veganism to show how good the food is, to sell our merchandise, to educate the general public, to bring in schools to teach and SO much more, in the meantime we are also building this C-A-L-F website to run alongside and bring in much needed funds, from sales and donations

The difference about C-A-L-F is, its not about making money or getting rich, its about the cause, as long as our overheads are covered, our animals are well fed, then we are happy. The more c-a-l-f generates, the more we can put back into helping ANIMALS.

C-a-l-f is in the early stages, but please support us and be proud that your help makes us grow bigger and stronger, we cannot do it alone. Please spread the word and share our site.



I have been mad about animals for as long as i remember, i joined a nature club called The Busy Bees when i was about nine years old, and i guess my interest and passion started to grow from there. I joined The League against cruel sports at around fifteen, I was so passionate about protecting our wildlife. As the years passed i started to see the cruelty in other areas, the more i heard and read the more disgusted i became in my species capability to abuse other beings. But it wasn’t until i got my first computer, and started watching cruelty videos online, that i knew i had to do more than i was. I just couldn’t turn a blind eye to any of it any more, i could no longer be selective about which animals i cared about and tried to help, i suddenly realised they were all equal, they all deserved to live a natural and safe life.  Once you have seen with your own eyes animals being abused in so many horrendous and inexcusable ways, i don’t know how any decent person can go back from that! The images i have seen will stay with me forever, and push me to do all i can to educate others to the suffering and murder of so many innocent animals, that happens in so many ways, for so many reasons ( none of them acceptable or necessary ) all around the world. From animals being reared and slaughtered for food, or clothing, animals being tortured in labs, to animals being hunted as trophies, and animals being used and abused for sport, or suffering in the name of entertainment . I want to stop it all!
I feel so fortunate to have found Sharon, to have a friend who sees and feels what i do, who shares my passion to help these innocent beings, to have that support, is amazing. I am truly blessed and it is an honour to be able to help her in any way i can with this amazing venture, C-A-L-F.
I would say to anyone thinking of going vegan, do it! It will change your life for the better in so many ways. The only thing i regret is not doing it sooner, please don’t make the same mistake as me xx

Please feel free to check out my own website and my videos page xx


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